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notice how much of your life revolves around keeping track of your time
and the people you know and work with?
That's why so many smartphone users have found Agendus for Symbian UIQ
to be the perfect answer for their busy lives!
Agendus is the personal information manager you always wanted your
P800- or P900-series smartphone to have. In one single application, it
tightly integrates three of the most-used applications on your phone:
contacts, calendar, and tasks, letting you seamlessly link your
business contacts and friends to meetings, events, calls, and tasks.
Salespeople will love the way it generates a comprehensive contact
history. And, you can choose from seven daily, weekly, and monthly
calendar views so you can see your schedule the way you like it. You
can even assign icons to events for some fun customization, and so you
can tell what upcoming events are with just a glance, in any view.
Agendus for Symbian v.2.2 includes great new ways to make your
smartphone more productive, simpler to use, and far more fun! With this
latest version, the best-selling UIQ personal information manager has
even more ways to keep your life on track!
Utilizes the built-in databases so it's safe, secure, and works with
your existing conduits to synch up to Microsoft® Outlook®.
Explore how Agendus can make using your Smartphone simpler, more
effective, and more fun!
Build a contact history
With Agendus, you can get a complete contact history built from all the
calls, meetings, and to dos for anyone in your contact list.
# From the contact list access the any contact history
# Meetings, calls, and to dos are all saved for your future use
Three one-day views - one for every taste and need
You have complete flexibility in how you view your information.
# Quickly and easily see the date and time, what is scheduled for your
day, any pending alarms and a list of unread messages with the Today
# To focus solely on your upcoming Meetings and To Dos, use the List
# Or use the Split View to further distinguish your schedule between
Meetings (shown in the top half) and To Dos (shown in the lower half)
Powerful week and month views
A calendar view to suit your needs and preference, so you can choose
how you can see your calendar information
# You can view a week as a list of commitments (To Dos, Calls and
Meetings) or as a single calendar week in grid format.
# Or use the icon view to quickly see what's coming up
Over the air weather, quote of the day, and address mapping
Never leave home without knowing the weather you'll find at your
# Quickly retrieve weather forecast for any location worldwide.
# Check out weather conditions at your contacts' locations.
# Map your contacts' addresses.
# Enjoy refreshing quotes from famous people.

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